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How to find cheap flights?

Because of the high price of flight tickets, every traveller wants to find out how to fly cheap.
By knowing these tips you can save up to several hundred euros! So, how to find cheap flights?

  • With numerous websites offering cheap flight tickets finding the perfect option should not be difficult, however, choosing the first, random offer may cause travelers a lot of trouble. Here is what you should know before booking your flight to Hong Kong.
    It is important how early you book your tickets and what time of the year you choose. Start planning your trip a few months ahead. Thanks to this you will know the average price of flight tickets to Hong Kong and spot great deals. Being flexible on travel dates is crucial as you can pick the cheapest airline tickets available and save a great deal of money on your trip. Here are the basics: never book flights to Honk Kong in peak season, on bank holidays, or on weekends as they are always pricey. With this in mind and with the help of eSky tools you will find the best offers which are great value for money in a few steps.

  • How to save more on your Hong Kong tickets? Forget about unnecessary services that increase the cost of your flight. The universal truth of traveling on planes is: "the less, the cheaper" and it applies to baggage, travel extras, and other such things that in the end add up to a substantial amount of money. Although on most long-haul flights you will have one piece of luggage included in the airfare, it does not mean you can pack anything. Focus on the items you will really need during your trip so that you do not exceed the baggage allowance. There is also an additional fee for a seat reservation/a seat with additional legroom, check-in at the airport, onboard menu, priority boarding, etc. so if you can carry on without them, do it.

  • Your travel experience will depend on the flight duration as well as onboard services offered in your travel class, which you should have in mind when booking your air tickets to Hong Kong. Full-service airlines usually offer three travel classes: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class which vary in price and service standard. Sometimes airlines offer Premium Economy Class which comes with a spacious, comfortable seat and more room that gives more comfort compared with Economy Class. Low-cost airlines have single-class seating. Anything more than a seat on a plane is available for an additional fee which means that travelers who fly light and do not have special requirements can save a lot of money provided that they are prepared properly for the journey.

Where to find cheap flights?

There are three most popular ways of searching for cheap flight tickets.

  • The eSky search engine will help you find the perfect flight by comparing different offers from numerous carriers. Whether you are looking for cheap flights to Hong Kong for a weekend getaway or your main vacation, with the eSky search engine you will be able to search and compare cheap airfares based on your search criteria. Our flag product has helped travelers from all over the world book their dream holiday. See why it is so effective.

  • To search and compare cheap flights to Hong Kong you only need to enter your home airport and your destination, then choose your travel dates and the number of passengers. Click on the magnifying glass button to start. Click on the "Flights in nearby dates" tab to view the airfares for the next days or weeks without having to enter your search criteria again.

  • Have the freedom of choice when it comes to the airline that will fly you to your destination, departure and arrival hours, the airport of origin, connecting points, and more by using the filtering option. You can also sort the list of the airfares by price or travel duration. Now that you have found your perfect flight you can book it right away in a few minutes, add the insurance, travel extras and enjoy your holidays.

How to search for cheap flights?

To check flight tickets available for the selected dates on eSky, you should first determine some basic data.

  • eSky is more than just a travel search engine. With these tools, you will always find cheap flights. Find the best time to visit Hong Kong with the eSky price calendar. If you can be flexible, you stand a chance of getting the cheapest air tickets to anywhere. With the help of this feature, you will know when it is best to book your cheap flight tickets to fly on a budget. It is an intuitive, simple tool that will let you view the airfares a few months ahead and spot the real bargain.

  • Enter your origin airport and destination and click on the magnifying glass button. The calendar will show you the airfares across the whole month with the cheapest ones highlighted in green. Select your ideal flight, then scroll down to see the flight details. Choose the number of passengers if more than one. Click "Choose" to start booking your cheap tickets to Hong Kong.

  • You can also sign up for a price alert to have your flight tracked for you. Just click on the alert button and choose the time frame you are considering for your travel. Enter your email address to receive notifications once the price of your cheap flight to Hong Kong drops or increases. Set a price alert for the route and be updated on any changes to your flight.

  • Flying to and arriving in Hong Kong

    Airlines flying non-stop from the U.S.A. to Hong Kong include America Airlines, Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines while to fly from the UK, you can use British Airways Cathay Pacific, and Virgin Atlantic. Other airlines offering flights to Hong Kong with one or more layovers include, but are not limited to, Air Canada, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Airlines, KLM, Royal Airlines, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates, Air New Zealand, China Airlines, and Air France.

    Your cheap flight to Hong Kong will arrive at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), the city’s main airport, also referred to as Chek Lap Kok International Airport. One of the busiest airports in the world, it is a hub for the carriers such as Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express. In 2019, the airport served as many as 71,500,000 passengers. Hong Kong International Airport connects to more than 200 destinations worldwide by around 120 airlines.

  • All your travel services in one place

    eSky is not only a travel search engine that compares numerous offers from different carriers to help you find your perfect flight. With as many as 1.3 million partnering hotels, you will create an inexpensive vacation package that includes air tickets and accommodation, buy and insurance and rent a car in your destination.

    Go to the Flight + Hotel section and browse available accommodation options. Just enter your home airport and type "Hong Kong" in the destination field, then choose your travel dates, the number of passengers, and room configurations. Sort and filter the results to skip the offers that do not meet your requirements.

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