Low-cost and traditional airlines

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  • Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair
  • Hong Kong Airlines, Air China
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Where do low-cost airlines fly to?

Low-cost airlines are the perfect solution for passengers who want to travel by plane without worrying about high travel costs and air ticket prices.

  • Many people choose low-cost airlines because the flight comfort is also maintained at a very high level, and thanks to the wide range of air connections, it is easy to find cheap tickets that are associated with the selected destinations in almost every corner of the world. Hong Kong and other interesting places that are often visited by travellers can be reached in a cheap and fast way.

  • Cheap airline connections are offers that are not available constantly and at the same prices. The current offer of cheap airline tickets is influenced by many factors. For example, the price of an air ticket to a popular airport close to the city centre is different from the price of an air ticket to a destination airport far from the city centre.

  • The season of the year when a flight takes place is another important reason why cheap airline tickets have different prices. During the holiday season, when large numbers of tourists want to buy airline tickets, prices may be higher than other parts of the year, but there may be more interesting deals to choose from.

Airlines ranking

  Airline Ticket prices Comfort Punctuality Staff Overall rating No. of reviews
1. Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific (CX) 3.7 3.8 4.1 4.1 4 24
2. Dragonair Dragonair (KA) 4 4 4.5 4.5 3.7 4
3. Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong Airlines (HX) 4 3.3 4.7 4.3 3.9 3
4. Hong Kong Express Hong Kong Express (UO) - - - - 0 0
5. Air China Air China (CA) 4.1 3.5 4.1 4.2 4 81
6. China Airlines China Airlines (CI) 4.6 4.8 4.6 5 4.7 8
7. China Eastern China Eastern (MU) 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.3 4.2 19
8. Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines (SQ) 4 4.5 4.7 4.7 4.5 30
9. Emirates Emirates (EK) 4 4.4 4.5 4.5 4.4 196
10. Shanghai Airlines Shanghai Airlines (FM) 1 1 1 1 1 1

Which airlines are the cheapest?

When planning your travel budget, you should think about a few issues related to travel costs and the selected air connection.

  • Flight is one of the most important things that affects the entire process of reducing travel costs. With low cost airlines it is very easy to save money on travel. You can organize your luggage and think about the most necessary things. Maybe you just need to take your hand luggage with you and buy the rest of the necessary things and use it upon arrival at the destination airport.

  • Another way to reduce the price of an air ticket is to choose an airport that is not too close to the city centre. In that case, you should also think about the cost of transporting from the airport to the destination in the city of arrival. These simple calculations will help you choose the best option.

  • The cheapest airlines are usually served at airports that are located on the outskirts of the city. Sometimes, however, choosing an airport away from the city centre does not mean that the flight will be the cheapest, because it is worth checking the modes of transport between accommodation and the airport. When the costs of traveling between these two places are high, it is better to choose another budget airline that operates flights to an airport located near the city centre.

Airline sales

The tourist market is a place where the situation is constantly changing and you can see big differences between the prices of the same airline connection during the year.

  • This is due to several factors that can affect the price of airline tickets, even with low-cost airlines. Travelers who are interested in finding low-cost flights often know when to check each airline's deal, as some of them run various promotions on a regular basis or only in connection with certain events in the destination city at a specific time.

  • Another situation that can be a great opportunity to find a cheap flight is when the carrier sells tickets from the last pool because there are empty seats on the plane. If you are able to frequently check the current price and pack your luggage a few days before the scheduled departure, this method is the perfect solution for you.

  • Some promotions that are carried out by air carriers are also offered as soon as a new air connection is launched. The pool of cheap airline tickets does not have to wait long for customers, because passengers interested in the route usually check the offer regularly and after opening a new route they can very quickly buy their first ticket.

Low-cost airlines in Hong Kong

  • Many passengers choose low-cost airlines and it is not difficult to find this type of service in almost every travel market around the world. When it comes to Hong Kong, you can also find several low-cost airlines that operate flights at local airports.

  • The most popular low-cost airlines in Hong Kong are Air Asia, Hong Kong Airlines and JetStar. Some of these airlines also offer long haul routes. The connection network related to Hong Kong is very well-developed.

  • Passengers can also purchase cheap airline tickets from other low-cost airlines such as Cebu Pacific and HK Express. All interesting connections can be found in the search engine and this is the best way to choose the cheapest one.

  • Which airlines are the safest?

    For safety reasons, all carriers are required to test their machines, and the entire process of preparing the plane before starting flights is the same for every airline, including low-cost airlines. There are special safety rankings that show airlines that are considered to be the safest for their passengers. However, the rankings are not always the same as different parameters are taken into account when creating them. Low-cost airlines are also at the top of the ranking. Budget airlines can provide passengers with a similar level of comfort as some regular air carriers.

  • Where should I look for budget airlines?

    Budget airlines are a very interesting option and low-cost flight services are still developing and changing. Tourists can really travel without spending a lot of money, but they can also travel comfortably. This is the reason why there are so many different cheap airline tickets on the Internet. The huge number of offers can be quite confusing for a customer who wants to find the most attractive price. Fortunately, this can be easy with a special flight search engine. The search engine is an online tool that will show you the best results from hundreds of airlines, including low cost airlines. This is the fastest way to buy tickets and save money. After entering departure and arrival cities and flight dates, you can browse the most attractive offers that are currently available on the market. Thanks to the search engine, it is easy to compare flight offers, because they are all collected in one place.